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Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a very serious matter which needs to be addressed immediately with the help of a family law attorney should it arise. In no circumstances is this acceptable and if you have been a victim of domestic violence, acting to protect yourself and your children is your only option. In the case of a divorce, the incident or incidents need to be known about in order to obtain resolutions which will account for this factor. Custody and visitation rights will be grossly affected if domestic violence is on record in the files of the court. This can help you to keep your children in safe hands and will most likely contribute to a favorable financial settlement. You can then go about building your future free of such destructive behavior. At Fusco & Clarke, we are sensitive to the fact that you are sharing very personal information with us and will always treat you with compassion and respect.

Are the false accusations of domestic violence in your family?

It is a sad fact that false accusations of domestic violence can occur in the midst of a divorce case when one party wants to injure the reputation of the other. This is most often done in order to gain an advantage in child custody matters. If you have been accused of such an act, or implications have been made to that effect, you need to let your attorney know immediately. Our firm can ensure you are set up with the representation you need to defend against any potential charges. At the same time, we can work to counteract any effect this was calculated to have on your divorce proceedings.

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