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Enforcement of Court Orders

Fighting to obtain favorable court orders during a divorce becomes a wasted effort if those judgments, once won, are not actually carried out. If you find yourself in the situation of having your legal rights violated due to the failure of your ex-spouse to obey a court order, don't lose hope. An experienced divorce attorney can help you to take action in an attempt to improve the situation. You deserve to see the benefits to which you are entitled per what has already been deemed just and fair by the court.

A failure to obey court orders can incorporate matters such as shared custody, visitation rights, relocation, child support, spousal support and palimony. When it comes to relocation, the matter can be complicated by the factor of interstate jurisdiction. It is thus vital you retain quality legal representation to intelligently fight for your interests.

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At Fusco & Clarke, we are energetic in taking action to assist with the enforcement of court orders. It is important to us to see the legal system respected and justice delivered to the individuals it serves. We are therefore committed to taking any actions needed to help resolve such a situation. When the violation exists in relation to financial matters, it may be possible to arrange to have payments due, as well as arrears, taken directly out of the income of the responsible party. There are also steps which can be taken regarding the enforcement any court orders.

If the matter persists, it can be possible to have someone cited for contempt. If someone is found to be in contempt of court, they can face fines, monetary sanction and even jail time. Of course, this is not a preferred method of address due to its severity; however, the fact that it is a possible consequence can do much to bring about compliance with court orders. Contact a lawyer from our team for help attempting to have court orders enforced so that your rights do not continue to be violated.

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